What is a loan deferral?

You can request a loan deferral in the following cases: carrying out of works, construction of your house or the acquisition of a property in a future state of completion (VEFA – acquisition of a Sale in the Future State of Completion ). What is deferred loan What is called deferred loan is the possibility […]

Small loan despite Credit bureau.

The banks also check the data in the Credit bureau for a small loan, which most consumers are not even aware of because the process runs in the background. Of course they have to sign the so-called Credit bureau clause, but many do not pay attention to it. It becomes difficult when the creditworthiness is […]

Credit during separation year.

Being creditworthy as a working single or as a married couple is not a particular challenge. Regulated living conditions are one of the most important security criteria for serious loan offers. The problem with credit during the separation year is the lack of financial planning security for the future. We will present you with the […]